Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First Twist-out!

Fourth day twist-out! The first time I tried this style was on Sunday evening!  Retwisted last night with a light mist of water, leave-in conditioner(Salerm21) and jojoba oil to moisturize!  Check out the results :)

Glipse into her Beauty & Style...

Kelis has always been one of my favorite artist ever since the days of her pink curls.  I enjoy seeing her everchanging style. 

Simple and Effective Body Scrub

Try another DIY(do-it-yourself) Body Scrub.  So simple!  Check out the ingredients below:

1 cup Brown Sugar
about 2 tbsps Sea Salt
1 tbsp Honey
10 drops Lemon Juice
½ cup Olive/Coconut/Jojoba/Grapeseed/Avocado/Sweet Almond Oil

Mix all ingredients together and massage into skin starting at your feet and moving up in a circular motion. Rinse well with warm water!

Leaves your skin silky and radiant!

*Just an added plus, this is a great treatment to do before shaving you legs because it sloughs off all of your dead skin cells for an amazingly clean shave!
* I like to apply aloe vera gel as a moisturizer/barrier right after shaving to soothe my skin!  I helps with any accidental knicks and aids healing.

Shoe Game

Over the years I have become somewhat of a minimalist.  It is refreshing not to have a million things to chose from when you know you only wear about 50% of why not just do away with the excess and only keep what you need!  Trust me you will feel light and free just by donating all of the wardrobe and shoes that you do not wear.  I do this every so often and it feels fantastic!  

Here are my 5 footwear must-haves
(wardrobe must-haves coming soon):

1.  Boots(two pairs of favorite neutral colors)- 
Dressy-can be paired with dresses, skirts, or under jeans.  For this pair I’d prefer black because it compliments the majority of my wardrobe.
Mid-calf to knee length
Mid-high heel

Casual-can also be paired with jeans or skirts.  Mostly for your non-formal environments. For this pair I would choose a dark brown, gray, or tan.
Ankle to mid-calf length
Low-mid heel

2.  Flats(two pairs in your favorite metallic color)
Ballet flats-I would personally like bronze the best because would match everything
Sandals- This is where gold or silver would be the best.  Love jeweled embellishments on sandals so much!

3.  Sneakers(two pairs)
Flat- stylish, casual, and comfortable.  A converse style would be perfect. 
Running shoes- for exercise.  One of my old favorites was the Nike Airmax.  There are so many to choose from!  Take your favorite pick!

4.  Heels(three pairs)
Black, medium heel, conservative style perfect for work or formal occasions.
Nude, medium to high heel.  Any style that fits your personality.
Strappy/Dressy/high heel sandals.  Any color.  Think about your clothes and accessories and choose a pair that will compliment them the best.  It’s always the worst to have a fabulous pair of shoes waiting to be worn but nothing to go with them!  So choose wisely!

5.  Last but not least a wild card!  A pair of heels that have a wow factor that you can wear to make any of your favorite outfits pop!  Of course, you know I chose heels because I love them but pick anything that makes you feel amazing and confident!

By only keeping what you own to a minimum you have done yourself a favor and still have what you need to keep your style on point!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking care of yourself

As you get older and more mature your taste definitely changes.  It almost becomes mandatory to start eating healthy and taking the very best care of yourself as possible because you can actually see the signs of aging…even at 30 people!  Sad but true. The days of drinking coke or eating junk food are gone.  Not only because it would reek havoc on your body and skin but because that is just not appealing anymore. 

Moderation is key.

Here are some new changes that I have seriously implemented into my lifestyle.

  1. Water, water, and more water...drinking water a lot more than before. 
  2. Choosing the lighter options when eating or drinking.
  3. Portion control!
  4. Consuming less sugar, dairy, and meat.
  5. Eating primarily fresh foods!

At this very moment...

I feel extremely blessed and thankful.  I do not give thanks often enough but it just came through me like a revitalizing energy that I have so much to be grateful for!

Pray and give thanks all throughout the day!  Especially if you think a negative needs to be erased and replaced by what you are thankful for! Use journal to write what you are thankful for all the time!



(I like hearing this song in the resonates with me throughout the day and reminds me to be grateful and live in the moment.)