Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Sweet Hair

I think I just about fell in love when I discovered the depth of knowledge and resources there are out today on natural hair care!  For so long, I have bored my husband to death talking about skin and hair care.  He patiently endured these hair gabbing sessions with me and then encouraged me to create this blog to share all that I have learned and love to discuss.  

I got my first relaxer at the age of 12.  Believe it or not it was introduced to me all because of my fifth grade class trip to Washington d.c.  The year before when I went away for a few days to rock eagle, my hair was in the same french braid for three days.  Needless to say, it looked bad my mother was not going to let that happen again and said that I would need to get a relaxer so that I could manage my own hair during my trip away from home.  

Having had a relaxer for so long, I was always curious about how my natural hair actually looked and felt.  I attempted to grow the relaxer out but I was never particularly determined to have it natural so after a while I would just get it relaxed again and again.  Until, the day I found out that I was pregnant in October 2008.  Having heard that getting a relaxer was not good to do while you are pregnant I chose to err on the side of caution and just stop!  Thankfully, I truly never had a problem transitioning.  In short, thanks to my daughter I have now discovered the beauty of my natural hair and am learning how to take care of mine and hers!

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