Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2. Skyline

Skyline from bedroom window.

In the spirit of challenges, I have created another one for myself that has been on my mind for a long time.  My challenge will be to completely avoid consuming all artificial sugars and any carbonated beverages for the remainder of this month. 

Sugar has been my only vice and I believe it is what contributes to all of the issues, such as acne and sensitivity, that I have had with my skin.  So, I will be sure to keep you posted on my no sugar - no fizz journey!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day One - Peace

I came across a blog challenge today at Bubblegarm created by @fatmumslim and I am so excited to take part.  It will consist of posting a photo a day for the month of May. 

Here I am at home enjoying a peaceful day rocking my natural curls in my favorite vintage University of the West Indies shirt.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Tried Dry Brushing

I heard about dry brushing your skin many years ago while I was researching how to detox your body.  It is a technique that can be very benefial to your health.  It is  as simple as it sounds.  You brush your skin with a natural bristle brush.  Easy enough, right?  I checked out the link below for the details:

There are so many reasons why I truly wanted to make this technique a part of my everyday routine.  Stimulates your lyphatic system, increases circulation, beautiful skin...the list goes on and on.  So, I tried it.  And sorry to say I could not bare to do it more than 2 days.  I'm not sure if it was the brush I purchased or that my skin is very sensitive but it was just too harsh for me.  I tried to brush as lightly as I could to begin with and that still didn't help.  I just had to listen to my body and stop.  Perhaps I'll try a softer brush and give it another go!  Have you tried this wonderful technique?  I'd love to hear your experience!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Current Facial Skin Care Regimen

I wanted to do this post because I am always so curious to know the skin care regimes of others ladies.  So I thought I’d share mine.  I have been struggling with acne for quite some time now off and on for about 10 years, so, the quest for clear and radiant skin is always on!  Nothing cheers me up more than waking up in the morning to a breakout free face!  With that said, I have to be very careful how I treat my skin, the products I use, my diet and even how I wear my hair.  I have combination skin and have an oily t-zone.  What I have learned through the years is that there is no miracle drug, soap, or lotion that will give you perfect skin.  It is a process of trial and error.  Getting clear skin will be an on-going process in that what you use today might not work for you five years down the line.  This is especially true in women because we need to treat our skin delicately as we age and customize our routines to fit our ever changing skin.  So here goes-still needs a lot of fine tuning…
1.       I always start of with your hair completely pulled back and away from my face.  Normally just in a ponytail with a silky headband on.
2.       I choose my cleanser.  I’m currently alternating between Proactiv’s Step 1 cleanser and a basic sensitive skin hypoallergenic, fragrance free, dye free bar of soap. 
a.       When I use the Proactiv cleaner I always slightly dampen my skin with lukewarm water before applying .  This is important because I have found that too much or too little water will not yield the same cleansing results.  I’m careful about not over scrubbing my skin because this will just cause irritation.
b.      When I use the basic bar of soap, still dampen my skin first with water, then wet a very soft washcloth(hint-the baby washcloths work best) and rub the bar of soap on the cloth…just enough to work up a lather.  And then I softly scrub my skin from the chin up (paying close attention to my problem areas chin and forehead) in circular motions until I have covered my entire face. 
(To tell you the truth I am dying to get my hands on a clairsonic…I have heard fantastic  reviews about it and I’m currently saving up for one!)
3.       Next I rinse off my cleanser and pat my skin dry with a clean dry washcloth(**I use a fresh washcloth every time I wash my face—without fail)
4.       While I wait for the water to dry of a little more before applying a moisturizer, I examine my face and decide whether or not I need to apply a mask.  Most likely I will apply a face mask up to three times per week, most times its just twice.  Currently using Mint julep masque by Helen. 
5.       Next,  I apply my eye cream.  I’m currently using say yes to carrots cucumber gel in the mornings and garnier nuctris eye lift at nights. 
6.       Ok, now on to my moisturizing…I am actually running completely out of the one I have currently been using and will probably be stopping at the drugstore tonight to pick up a new one….going to choose an all natural/organic moisturizer instead of the chemical laden ones I have been using for years.  Will have to update you on this one.
7.       My last step is to spot treat acne medicine as needed.  I alternate between proactive benzoyl peroxide and retin-A cream. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Current Hair Care Regimen

  •  I wash my hair once a week.  Sunday’s have been designated as my hair days.  It’s nice because it is relaxing to stay at home and do my hair…but on the flip side it keeps me locked in because altogether it is about a 4-5 hour process.  So I have to plan everything outdoors for Saturday!
  • My newest shampoo of choice is Trader Joes tea tree tingle.  I really love the smell, the feel and the fact that it is all natural.  It has been fairly simple to commit myself to an all natural hair care line-up.  I am never turning back from that – from here on out I will always use natural products for my hair. 
  •  My favorite conditioner is Kinky Curly Knot today.  I use it as a detangler, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.  I’m on the market for a new deep conditioner so that I can stretch my kinky curly leave-in a bit further. I have been skipping my deep conditioning treatments just about this entire year, but that is not happening anymore!  I’m dedicating myself to take the best care of my hair as possible.  I’ve been using my mommy and wifely responsibilities as an excuse and a crutch but its time for me to step up and take care of myself too!   (*side note-I normally wash my hair in the shower and it nice to know that all of the products being absorbed by my skin are not chemical laden.)


This is one of my favorite music videos because it showcases so many beautiful women rocking their natural curls!  The first time I saw this video I absolutely loved the hair of some models.  At the time, I had a relaxer and tried to mimic the look by washing my hair, slathering it with mousse, scrunching it as hard as I could, and letting it air dry just to get a some curls.  It just blows my mind that all the while "the look" that I was trying so hard to achieve was actually what God had naturally given to me!  Love yourself because however The Most High made you is beautiful!  Hope you enjoy the video.